Road to Red (2020) - HD 720p

Rating: 4.1

Disillusioned with life, skateboard champion Paul McGuiness sets off on a personal quest to re-invent himself, and the sport of skateboarding. His dream is to bring back the style and elegance of surfing into the art of skateboarding... a spiritual mission to "Regain the Stoke". High in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, a local sheriff discovers an abandoned vehicle parked at a remote alpine lake, a surfboard floating on the surface of the freezing water, but no trace of a body. As the months pass, Paul's friends slowly realize he isn't coming back... "Road to Red" is a coming-of-age, action-thriller about five best friends that set out on an epic road trip to honor the memory and dreams of their missing mentor and hero. What begins as an adventure to make skateboarding history, quickly turns into an ominous battle for survival as they discover that what happened to Paul, is happening to them. IMDb